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Corporate Member Rs.1,100,000/--

Facilities to Corporate Member:

Residential Yog Science Camps :

Corporate Member : Eight family members or eight delegates of company of a Corporate Member on priority basis, will be able to take part in one residential Yog Science Camp in a calendar year, free of cost. The Corporate Member will be invited to various functions of Bharat Swabhiman (Trust) time to time.

Residential facilities in Yog Science camps :

Deluxe Air-conditioned rooms with modern facilities will be provided to Corporate Members during camp days, free of cost.

Non Residential Yog Science Camps :

Eight free passes of Very-Very special category for Corporate Member or his (Family & Delegates of Company), Four free passes of Very Special Category for Founder Member or his Family, three free passes Very Special Category for Patron Member and two free passes of Very Special Category to a Life Member and his spouse will be given free of cost, for taking part in a non residential Yog Science Camps.

Seating arrangements for Members of Bharat Swabhiman (Trust) :

In all Yog Science Camps, seating arrangements will be made right in front of the stage for Corporate, Founder, Patron and Life Members and thereafter for other members respectively.

Guest House :

Residential facilities to all honourable members of Bharat Swabhiman (Trust) will be provided on priority basis for three days once in a year.

Yog Sandesh:

Monthly Magazine Yog Sandesh, a research oriented monthly journal of Yog, Spiritualism, Ayurved, Culture and Tradition, published by Bharat Swabhiman (Trust) in Hindi, English, Gujrati, Marathi, Punjabi, Bengali, Oriya, Assamese and Nepali will be sent to all honourable members free of cost in the language of their choice.

Note: Yog Sandesh Magazine will be sent to Corporate, Founder, Patron & Life Members residing abroad in the language of their choice.

Medical Facilities :

Special arrangements for treatment will be made for Corporate, Founder, Patron and Life members.


Note :

1.     All Corporate/ Founder/ Patron/ Life member, while leaving after a residential Yog Science Camp shall have to contribute a nominal amount of Rs. 1000/- towards the running expenses and for the maintenance of the Bharat Swabhiman (Trust) . Members willing to contribute more will be welcome to do so.

2.     All right of changing existing rules and regulations pertaining to facilities for members of the Bharat Swabhiman (Trust) will be reserved with the Bharat Swabhiman (Trust) . The same will be ratified in the meeting of Corporate & Founder Members of the Bharat Swabhiman (Trust) .

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